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The type of recovery will differ depending on the cause of the hard drive failure.

In some instances we can recover data via software if the hard drive has a corrupt partition which is covered under our Basic Data Recovery Service.

If the drive is clicking it could be that the heads are damaged and requires a more forensic approach which we do in our recovery lab and required the drive to be stripped down and repaired which would typically require our Standard Data Recovery Service or if parts are required then it gets upgraded to our Advanced Data Recovery Service.

If the drive is just dead or not powering up, quite often this is the circuit board, however these days we can't just change the board for another as there is now encryption and firmware on the board itself and sometimes we have to replace components which require our Advanced Recovery Service.

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Basic Data Recovery

  • Hard Drive Fault Diagnosis
  • Partition failure
  • Software recovery
  • Recovered within 2-3 days

Standard Data Recovery

  • Hard Drive Fault Diagnosis
  • Hardware or Disc Head fault
  • Basic Chip Replacement
  • 3-14 days

Advanced Data Recovery

  • Hard Drive Fault Diagnosis
  • Replacement Parts
  • Chip Decryption
  • Time based on availability of parts, firmware or decryption information
Please note:
If we are unsuccessful in recovery, we will charge £30 diagnosis fee only.
You will also be required to supply a usb hard drive for the data to be recovered to or we can supply at a price

Hard Drive
USB 3.0


USB 3.0 to USB Type C converter


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