Why is my hard drive making a clicking noise?

You're listening intently to your computer and you can hear the dreaded clicking noise.  Unfortunately, this means that your hard drive has a bad or failed part inside of it.

Think of a record player and you will be able to visualise your internal hard drive.  The actuator arm represents the record player needle. The actuator arm reads the magnetic surface of the data platters which resembles the record.

The clicking noise you can hear could be the actuator arm (needle) continuously returning to the same position on the magnetic head (record).

What is the cause?

There are numerous hardware faults which could be contributing to the incessant clicking noise:

• Power supply issues
• Service area issues
• Head crash or platter damage
• Printed Circuit board damage
• Read/write head damage

Corrupted software can be down to manufacturing issues, hardware compatibility problems or a potential virus or malware.

How can my data be recovered?
It's important to remember that hard drives are manufactured in clean environments to ensure that no particles are present during the assembly process.  Opening your hard drive yourself is never recommended unless in a specialist dust free environement! Exposing your device to dust could compromise your hard drive and lead to further damage therefore limiting any type of data recovery.  Click here for more information on our data recovery services

Turn off your hard drive immediately and contact us for a professional data recovery service.